We at Vuabov consider liability insurance to be an important part of the drone rental package, which is why we strongly recommend all renters to hold a drone liability insurance policy or enlist the easy-to-use services of Verifly on-demand liability insurance. 

When finalizing your drone rental, you will be asked to provide proof of insurance coverage for the duration of the rental period. Below is the 5-step process to ensure your drone rental is insured and on time.

Happy Flying!


Step 1

Go to the iTunes or Google Play app store and download the "Verifly" app.


Create a user account with your name, email, phone number and credit card. Enter "Vuabov, LLC" under the "Additional Insureds" category.


Select the location, duration, and limit of your desired policy, which should be no less than $1 million, and cover the time you plan on flying the drone during the rental period.

For example: if you only plan on flying the drone for 4 hours, then only purchase the policy for those 4 hours and not for the duration of the rental.


Click  "Purchase". Verifly will then mail you a confirmation binding your policy. This is proof that your insurance has been issued.


You will receive an email from Verifly titled "Verifly Prebooking Confirmation for Policy" that includes your policy and certificate of insurance. Forward those documents to as your proof of insurance. 



Liability insurance coverage only covers damage to third party properties or persons, this DOES NOT cover damages to the aircraft. You, as the renter, are responsible for all damage(s) incurred to the drone and accompanying equipment.